Below are a few examples of my work and experience.

Web Development

Over the last 5 years, I have built a number of websites from the ground up. 

Everything from small one-page informational websites all the way to massive 70+ page Educational Institutions. 

I handled everything from imagery and layout to the back-end hosting and email service. 

I also have experience with noncms websites and have the ability to use Code to produce unique customized content. 

Screen Printing

I have extensive experience and knowledge of the Screen printing process.

I am able to break down artworks into screens, expose screens and produce multicolour and full-colour cmyk simulation prints.  

I have experience making screen prints for companies like Mc Donalds, Wimpy, Debonairs, Steers and many many more. 

Digital Printing

I have experience in designing and printing large format and small format digital printing. 

Everything from large contra vision prints for storefronts to mugs caps and shirts. 

I am able to design from start to finish understanding the different requirements and restrictions of multiple different print mediums. 

Video Editing & Production

I am able to shoot edit and create customer small social media ads from start to finish. 

I am able to bring digital storytelling to life allowing for your company to tell or offer as a service the sotry you want your customers to see. 

Vinyl Cutting

In the video above you would have seen a few examples of my work. 

I am able to design and create cut files as well as cut and prep the vinyl. 

I also have a wealth of experience in the installation and application of the medium. 

Bulk Email Management

I am able to design custom HTML email flyers as well as manage and maintain large mailing lists.

For example, I managed a mailing list of 7000+ customers.  

Print Advertising

During my first internship, I gain experience in the newsprint industry. 

The first time I did concept work for a customer out of all the designers my artwork was selected. 

This was a great growth experience. 

This is a good example of my ability to think critically and develop consepts. 

3D Modeling

This is an example of work I did to develop in-store installations.

This follows a long process that I was involved in from start to finish for the Toy Kindom stores. 

I was also involved in other instore activations for other brands like SPAR for their WIN A CAR campaign they run each year.  

Forward Thinking

In the ever-changing landscape of the design industry, critical thinking and observation are key.  It’s no longer just about being able to deliver high-quality design work it’s now more than ever imperative to have a designer that can look at a product from every angle and understand the market and culture. 

Perception is key being a designer that understands that and can deliver well-thought-out designs and narratives is what makes my work stand out. 

VFX Work

One of my favorite things to do with any brand is to bring there brand to life with a little bit of VFX work.

Animating logos and brands helps give any company that small edge. 

Event Management

Not only do I have experience working on massive budget events with deadlines and difficult customers I am also able to market events and network with customers. 

I also know how to manage a team and ensure that the customer is happy and motivated to work with us again. 

Coded Signatures and Custom Content

Whether you need custom HTML email signatures or customer HTML bulk email templates I have the experience and ability to deliver. 

Working with others

This product catalog cover was one of my first designs back when I was interning. 

I had to work with a full team of designers copywriters and sales staff. This experience and working with others and their input was an awesome experience and helped me understand what it means to be a team player in the design industry. 

App Development

I am able to also develop and build a basic web to Android apps for deployment on the Google play store. Things like push notifications and online stores are just a few of the things I am able to offer.